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We are here to help busy entrepreneurs like you maintain and manage your social profiles and online presence, so that when your customers and potential customers go looking for you, you’re there. You know, it’s not easy to establish and maintain your business’s social media profile. Time and knowledge can limit your credibility and approachability as a company owner. 

Why Social Media?

It is well-known that one of the best methods of marketing is through “word of mouth” – when people share information within their personal networks there is an implicit recommendation based on trust. Social media extends this natural networking approach online with the added benefit of global reach.

  • Billions of brand viewers including your local customers.
  • Finding your target audience more easily, at low to no cost and clear indicators of how to engage with them.
  • Low cost, high return and expanding daily.

What is right for me?

Social media has numerous platforms and communities world wide, however a strategy can be easy to execute if you consider which social media is best to start with to reach your target markets and take small steps to build your campaign. 

Typical uses: Generally businesses use social media to increase the reach of their brand using the social media members as delivery points.

Why use: Benefit from extended word-of-mouth marketing, massive reach, access new markets, improves SEO, much easier to target specific markets.

Strengths: Huge communities of users and growing quickly.

Weakness: Can be overwhelming – some social media platforms change quickly and you need to keep up.

What are 5 applications and their specialty?

Here are 5 social media applications and an overview of what they are what makes them unique. Picking your first social media platform should relate to where your audience is and how well your product will be seen and shared through these media.

1. Facebook

Facebook is the leading social network, it is free to use for basic posts, event creation and sharing. It also has a paid advertising program. 

Specialty: Massive audience that agree to share considerable amounts of personal information, which in turn allows businesses to target their paid marketing more closely than any other channel. Facebook is particularly useful for products that have a good story and have attributes that will encourage word of mouth sharing.

2. YouTube

The 2nd largest search engine, YouTube is a massive repository for video content. Users will search for videos to entertain, but also for educational purposes - for example: how to fix a tap, cook a meal, paint a wall. You can also create your own YouTube channel for your business.

Specialty: Visual and active content. If your product “has to be seen” to really make an impact, then YouTube is a great tool.

3. LinkedIn

The largest business to business network – professionals and companies are on LinkedIn to networks, share product knowledge, form strategic alliance and find buyers.

Specialty: If you have a product or service that is consumed by businesses then LinkedIn is a great marketing channel.

4. Twitter

Twitter is an application that shares messages 140 characters at a time. Message can be tagged to allow followers to follow certain conversations, themes, brands. Each twitter user has their own feed to which others will sign up for updates. Following others in your industry on Twitter can also be helpful for finding content and keeping up with industry news.

Specialty: Bite sized marketing messages. New sales, time sensitive announcements, menu ordering, event marketing and updates, etc.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is all about images. Users pin images they like up onto boards they create and theme. Examples: recipes, home furnishings I want, crafts I want to try, places to visit, etc. The images link to the website they are from so if people share your images they are sharing a link back to your website.

Specialty: Image image image … if your product or brand has compelling visual properties this is a good marketing channel.


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